Elite Training and Nutrition is a personal training gym based in South Dublin. Their clients keep a workout diary and log the results of every set. From these results their trainers are able to adjust the weight (kgs/lbs on each exercise) for the next session accordingly.

This means that clients are CONSTANTLY PROGRESSING, which is the key to improving overall fitness.

The Efit app makes these calculations automatically and gives a suggested weight for your next workout via the “automatic weight suggestion” feature which is ideal for beginners and can be turned off for those more advanced.

Through the Efit App - you are able to select from a library of gender specific workout programs set by James and his crew at Elite. These programs can be filtered depending on your end goal with prices ranging from $0.99 - $2.99 each.

Your scores from each workout will be saved in your “Results” section allowing you to track your progress whilst the app's "Profile" section allows you to add before and after photos providing a visual narrative of your fitness journey.

Simply put, the Efit app removes any guess work involved in getting fit. All you have to do is follow the program.


Why Efit

Do we want to make money off of the Efit app? Of course we do…. But we also appreciate that we’re not performing open heart surgery. Yes, we’re excited about the swimming pools full of cash once this puppy takes off, but we’re just as excited about helping people to become happier, healthier individuals.

Getting fit and healthy is very simple (don’t confuse that with easy) – you need to put in the work but what it boils down to is eating healthily and following a program. So you go eat healthy - we've got the programs covered. We wish you the BEST OF LUCK in achieving and surpassing your fitness goals. Be Healthy, Be Happy...... BE FIT!!