Efit App Trainer Section: How it Works

How it Works - Heading (2)


Once you have purchased a program that suits your ability, all you need to do is go to the ‘TRAINER SCREEN’ and select your workout.


Trainer Screen - Play & Log

For a more detailed tutorial and an overview of the additional features on the Efit App, please continue reading.


Getting Started

Once you’ve downloaded a program that suits your ability, tap the ‘MORE OPTIONS’ button on the far right of your screen and select ‘PROGRAMS’ from the bottom of the list to select your current program. From there, follow the three simple steps as outlined below.


Trainer Screen - Step 1 - Day Selection (5)


Trainer Screen - Step 2 - Begin Workout (1)


Trainer Screen - Step 3 - Log Scores


Trainer Screen - Rest Timer (1)


Trainer Screen - Tutorial (2)


Select the ‘MORE OPTIONS’ button on the far right of the trainer screen to access the following additional features:


Trainer Screen - More Options (1)

The best thing about the Efit App is that the programs WORK – What better way to track your progress than with regular progress pics?

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