Comfort Food – Friend or Foe? by Matt Kelly


We’re a funny bunch us people. We lament the shape we’re in… and we attribute positive feelings to the foods which lead us to to be unhappy about the shape we’re in… weird….

I am firmly of the opinion that as soon as you can see through the complete fallacy that eating certain food types and groups makes you ‘happy’ or ‘feel better’, you are somewhat on the road to success. Most people have some form of abstract reasoning when it comes to happiness, it’s more than a series of chemical responses, triggered by neuro transmitters – right?

So why do we bury our heads in the sand and so readily rely on chocolate or alcohol or whatever it may be to make us feel ‘happy’ when we all know it’s just a temporary chemical state!?

Being content with your own body and the work it might take to get there has a much greater permanence to it than being content because you’re full of fast food or sugar. Remember this FACT next time you feel like you NEED something which isn’t ideal for your cause!



Matt Kelly – Personal Trainer


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