5 Reasons you Might Not Be Getting Lean As Quickly As you Want to – by Matt Kelly


Here are 5 reasons you might not be getting lean as quickly as you want to (or think you should be!)

1) Inadequate fibre – eat LOTS of fibrous, cruciferous veg – Salads are not enough on their own.

2) You don’t train hard enough – How many of you leave the gym truly exhausted and sweating – It’s all relative. I see clients in Elite Training and Nutrition complaining about how sore and tired they are DURING a set of prowler push – You can’t be working THAT hard so?

In contrast I see one of my colleagues like Lindsey Doyle or Damian Darkar pushing a prowler and they can’t even talk afterwards – Let alone during.

You don’t need to train as hard as a world champion kick-boxer, but you need to find your TRUE limits – This is why personal training is so great ;)

3) There’s no variety in your training – The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…. Haven’t ran that body fat off on the treadmill in the last six weeks of repeatedly doing so? Haven’t changed your weights routine in two months….Well, why are you still doing it then?

4) You are too lenient on yourself on the weekend – As (world renowned strength coach) Charles Poliquin always says – Nobody ever ate anything by accident, nobody is going to MAKE you go out drinking, you’re the master of your own destiny, take ownership of that and decide what you really want out of your dietary decisions. A good week of eating doesn’t deserve a night of binge drinking and Domino’s – One will not offset the other.

5) Your body is inflamed and under stress – You don’t sleep enough, drink enough water, your system is acidic and not alkaline – Adequate recovery is every bit important as good quality training, feed your body, let it rest, find ways to reduce stress (see my article on cortisol here http://tinyurl.com/po9yod9) and exposure to toxins.



Matt Kelly – Personal Trainer




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