5 Reasons you Might Not Be Getting Lean As Quickly As you Want to – by Matt Kelly


Here are 5 reasons you might not be getting lean as quickly as you want to (or think you should be!)

1) Inadequate fibre – eat LOTS of fibrous, cruciferous veg – Salads are not enough on their own.

2) You don’t train hard enough – How many of you leave the gym truly exhausted and sweating – It’s all relative. I see clients in Elite Training and Nutrition complaining about how sore and tired they are DURING a set of prowler push – You can’t be working THAT hard so?

In contrast I see one of my colleagues like Lindsey Doyle or Damian Darkar pushing a prowler and they can’t even talk afterwards – Let alone during.

You don’t need to train as hard as a world champion kick-boxer, but you need to find your TRUE limits – This is why personal training is so great ;)

3) There’s no variety in your training – The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…. Haven’t ran that body fat off on the treadmill in the last six weeks of repeatedly doing so? Haven’t changed your weights routine in two months….Well, why are you still doing it then?

4) You are too lenient on yourself on the weekend – As (world renowned strength coach) Charles Poliquin always says – Nobody ever ate anything by accident, nobody is going to MAKE you go out drinking, you’re the master of your own destiny, take ownership of that and decide what you really want out of your dietary decisions. A good week of eating doesn’t deserve a night of binge drinking and Domino’s – One will not offset the other.

5) Your body is inflamed and under stress – You don’t sleep enough, drink enough water, your system is acidic and not alkaline – Adequate recovery is every bit important as good quality training, feed your body, let it rest, find ways to reduce stress (see my article on cortisol here http://tinyurl.com/po9yod9) and exposure to toxins.



Matt Kelly – Personal Trainer




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The Quest for Size – Things You Should be Doing to Get ‘Them Gainz’ by Matt Kelly


Gaining muscle mass and size is a world (often hilariously) corrupted by an increasing level of ‘broscience’. The first realisation you need to make if you want to put on some size, ahem….unassisted…is that you are NOT Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler or another pro bodybuilder. 2 a day workouts, 8000 calories and ridiculously specific training splits are practices which are either unpractical, inapplicable or simply needlessly complex for the average trainee. What follows is a list of tried and tested methods for gaining size, many of which are inescapable, unmissable basics including a few home truths that too many want to ignore!

Get lean –

So you want to get big right? You’ll need to be absorbing those delicious calories and various macronutrients efficiently, and arguably, the best way to turn over all your nutrition intake and get all those essentials into your cells is to get leaner. Leaner individuals are more sensitive to a variety of fuel sources (fats AND carbs) and being lean makes you look bigger. No matter how much size you put on you will eventually gravitate towards wanting to be lean – so don’t get caught in the bulk/cut trap – This is NOT essential, and in fact, can prove counter productive. UP guru Nick Mitchell treats getting lean as the first step anyone should take in trying to gain mass, and he is a man to trust….

Eat like a person of the size you want to be –

Calories in and calories out count, you need a surplus to gain size. Far too many of those seeking to grow, underestimate exactly how much they eat, tracking macros and growing your appetite are two simple yet effective tactics. Avoid getting too caught up in the frenzied need for carbs…. Carbs are important, sure, bumping up calories, facilitating nutrient uptake etc. but establishing a protein intake baseline, eating 4 times per day and thus upping protein synthesis deserves more of your attention – At the end of the day protein builds muscles!

Rest –

Boring…. BUT quality sleep is to muscular growth, what the watering can is to a house plant. Admit it to yourself, accept it, and don’t feel hard done by that ‘all your hard work in the gym isn’t paying off’ if you are going to bed late and feel tired. This is something which is hard to accept in the internet age, especially for younger males. Get your laptop out of your room at night, turn your phone on flight mode and don’t charge it. Take a look at any classic body builders…. Not only are they serial nappers, resting at all costs when not training or eating, but they are some of the most mellow and relaxed individuals you will ever encounter. So a reduction in all physiological AND psychological stresses will be a must if you are a poor sleeping, edgy, high stress type who wants to pack on some meat.

Variety in your programming and progression –

Your friends program may not work for you like it does for him, everyone is an individual, and you need to find out what works for you and then keep progressing and varying your training – Lifts, angles, tempo, reps all need to be varied to stimulate a cross section of muscle fibers and keep your body stimulated. Having routines that you do for months on end simply won’t work, your body will adapt, and you will feel this as you will eventually wake up the next morning after a workout completely unscathed! Vary your rep ranges, higher reps will also help get you leaner and increase work capacity, so you can do more quality work!

Remember that training for hypertrophy is about creating tension against weight, you have to get quality, controlled contractions, if you are just merely moving weights from A to B – You are limiting the potential quality of your workout. Check your ego at the gym door and remember the goal at hand.

Get stronger –

How many truly strong people who you have seen that don’t possess a good deal of muscle mass? Not many….You can’t spend all your time just doing ‘Reps for Jesus’ as Dom Mazzetti might say! If you are struggling with a plateau, give the higher reps a break, do multiple sets of strength work, six reps or lower, followed by a few sets of assistance movements. This will stimulate growth of myofibrils, basically giving you more actual muscle fibers, making you denser and allowing you to lift heavier loads for better stimulus moving forward.



Matt Kelly – Personal Trainer




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