Vogue Williams 0.1 Home Workout

Vogue - 0.1 Home Workout

We’re REALLY excited to bring you the new Vogue Williams HOME workout.

Exclusively on the Efit App, free to download here  https://appsto.re/ie/d39C5.i

Let Vogue guide you through her full body home workout. Ideal if you’re pressed for time and cannot make it to the gym. Each session should last between 22 – 25 mins.

Try and stick to the prescribed tempo and the rest times to get the best results.


Optimal Weekly Program Layout:

Day 1 – Workout
Day 2 – Rest
Day 3 – Workout (Optional)
Day 4 – Rest
Day 5 – Workout
Day 6 – Rest
Day 7 – Workout (Optional)

• Squat
• Raised Press Up
• Lunge
• Tricep Dip
• Hip Thruster
• Press Up with Side Step

Tempos & Tutorials:
Each exercise comes with its own tempo and video tutorial to help you make your workout as efficient as possible. Please remember that it’s not all about the weight you’re lifting. Form and tempo are just as important. Select a starting weight that is challenging but allows you to follow the prescribed tempo while maintaining proper form.

How it Works:

Once you have purchased a program that suits your ability, all you need to do is go to the ‘TRAINER SCREEN’ and select your workout.


For a more detailed tutorial and an overview of the additional features on the Efit App, please read our in-depth tutorial. http://total-efit.com/efit-app-trainer-section-how-it-works/

Find more of these interesting workout programs on the Efit App.                                         https://appsto.re/ie/d39C5.i

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